“We have done fundraisers in the past and raised $800.00.  With Integrity we raised $8000.00 which is a 1000% more than our first fundraiser. We made lots of money, way more than expected. It was very simple to do.  As a teacher and a parent, I was ecstatic about how much money we raised.  I would highly recommend going with Integrity!”

“We have been an Integrity client for the past six years. We are very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Integrity as a choice for meeting the financial needs of an organization.”

“We raised over $16,000.00 with our fundraiser with Integrity. If you are looking for a high reward, no risk fundraiser, I highly recommend Integrity. It’s basically foolproof!”

Katie O’Neil
PTO Fundraiser/Teacher
Lewis & Clark Elementary School

Joe Chine
Dir. Growth & Development
Riverside Christian School

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Eric Olson
Dakota United Soccer Club

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